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Classic Flavored Pizza Sauce

Pizza Sauce is perfect for a traditional pizza. A product made from fresh tomatoes with that slightly "raw" feel that comes with artisan products.
The Pizza Sauce also comes in flavored varieties. In this case, we've added typical Italian pizza ingredients to our fresh tomato: oregano and basil

Format: can.

Tomato vinegar

The recipe is simple and all natural. It is an intense ruby red color. Its smell reminds you of dried tomatoes and its flavor is aromatic and savory without any of the bitterness typical of wine vinegar.
Made using select, ripe tomatoes, it can be used for cooked vegetables, to marinate fish and as salad dressing.

Format: glass bottle.

Le Verdurine -Tomato Sauce with Fresh Vegetables

Le Verdurine is the name of a tasty, ready to use sauce made from only Italian tomatoes and many good fresh vegetables: onions, carrots, celery, parsley and basil. A drop of oil rounds out the ingredients of this delicious sauce, perfect to create delicious canapés and to add flavor to pasta, fish or meat dishes.

Format: tube.

Tomato Ketchup

Only Italian tomatoes go into Mutti ketchup. 2.2 kg of fresh tomatoes are used to make 1 kg of ketchup, which makes its mark with its slightly spicy flavor.

Format: bottle.